Jan Philip Wahle

Research Scientist at the University of Göttingen

Language is not only an indispensable tool for the dissemination of information, it open ups the dimensions of outer worlds (communication with others) and inner worlds (relection and thought). As a researcher at the University of Göttingen in Germany, I am dedicated to build AI systems that learn the intricacies of human language to benefit humanity in a responsible way. Follow me to stay up-to-date with my latest works in AI and NLP research.


Updates about recent activities, such as talks, awards, travels, and workshops.

  • May 2024 I will give a talk to the Volkswagen Foundation about AI tools in the funding process.
  • Apr 2023 I gave a talk about NLP innovations for businesses to the company Eschbach.
  • Mar 2023 I am visiting the group of Benjamin Roth in Vienna.
  • Feb 2024 I will give a talk at the University of Groningen to the Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology and AI organized by Tommaso Caselli about “Insights, Findings, and Recommendations for Paraphrasing and Plagiarism in the Age of LLMs.”
  • Dec 2023 I will attend EMNLP in Singapore.
  • Nov 2023 I will give a talk at LMU Munich to Barabara Plank’s MaiNLP group about our EMNLP paper “We are Who We Cite: Bridges of Influence Between Natural Language Processing and Other Academic Fields”.
  • Jul 2023 I will attend ACL in Toronto.
  • Apr 2023 I got awarded a six-month scholarship by the DAAD to visit the National Resaerch Council Canada and work with Saif M. Mohammad.
  • Mar 2023 I will give a talk at the Open Science Workshop organized by Birgit Schmidt about “AI in the Scientific Writing Process”.
  • Dec 2022 I will attend EMNLP in Abu Dhabi.

Featured Publications

Explore my latest research in NLP. The research papers cover a range of topics but are mainly focus on plagiarism paraphrasing, and respobsible and sustainable NLP research. Also on Google Scholar.
MAGPIE: Multi-Task Media-Bias Analysis of Generalization of Pre-Trained Identification of Expressions
Tomáš Horych, Martin Wessel, Jan Philip Wahle, Terry Ruas, Jerome Waßmuth, André Greiner-Petter, Akiko Aizawa, Bela Gipp, Timo Spinde
[pdf] [bibtex] [code]
Text-Guided Image Clustering
EACL 2024 (Oral)
Andreas Stephan, Lukas Miklautz, Kevin Sidak, Jan Philip Wahle, Bela Gipp, Claudia Plant, Benjamin Roth
[pdf] [bibtex] [code]
Paraphrase Types for Generation and Detection
EMNLP 2023
Jan Philip Wahle, Bela Gipp, Terry Ruas
[pdf] [bibtex] [code] [demo]
AI Usage Cards: Responsibly Reporting AI-generated Content
JCDL 2023
Jan Philip Wahle, Terry Ruas, Saif M. Mohammad, Norman Meuschke, Bela Gipp
We are Who We Cite: Bridges of Influence Between NLP and Other Academic Fields
EMNLP 2023 (Oral)
Jan Philip Wahle, Terry Ruas, Mohamed Abdalla, Bela Gipp, Saif M. Mohammad
[pdf] [bibtex] [code] [demo] [blog]
The Elephant in the Room: Analyzing the Presence of Big Tech in NLP Research
ACL 2023 (Oral)
Mohamed Abdalla*, Jan Philip Wahle*, Terry Ruas, Aurelie Névéol, Fanny Ducel, Saif M. Mohammad, Karen Fort
[pdf] [bibtex] [code]
How Large Language Models are Transforming Machine-Paraphrase Plagiarism
EMNLP 2022 (Oral)
Jan Philip Wahle, Terry Ruas, Frederic Kirstein, Bela Gipp
[pdf] [bibtex] [code]
Analyzing Multi-Task Learning for Abstractive Text Summarization
Frederic Kirstein, Jan Philip Wahle, Terry Ruas, Bela Gipp
[pdf] [bibtex] [code]
D3: A Massive Dataset of Scholarly Metadata for Analyzing the State of Computer Science Research
LREC 2022 (Oral)
Jan Philip Wahle, Terry Ruas, Saif Mohammad, Bela Gipp
[pdf] [bibtex] [code]
Identifying Machine-Paraphrased Plagiarism
iConference 2022
Jan Philip Wahle, Terry Ruas, Tomas Foltýnek, Norman Meuschke, Bela Gipp
[pdf] [bibtex] [code]
Testing the Generalization of Neural Language Models for COVID-19 Misinformation Detection
iConference 2022
Jan Philip Wahle*, Nischal Ashok*, Terry Ruas, Norman Meuschke, Tirthankar Ghosal, Bela Gipp
[pdf] [bibtex] [code]
Are Neural Language Models Good Plagiarists? A Benchmark for Neural Paraphrase Detection
JCDL 2021
Jan Philip Wahle, Terry Ruas, Norman Meuschke, Bela Gipp

Featured Talks

As a regular speaker at conferences, I frequently present on topics like text-generation, paraphrasing, and responsible AI. Explore my collection of captivating videos and slides that offer summaries of research works in these topics.  For more videos checkout my YouTube channel.

We are Who We Cite at EMNLP 2023

Paraphrase Types at EMNLP 2023

Big Tech in NLP at ACL 2023

AI Usage Cards at JCDL 2023

Latest Blog Posts

Explore my latest blog posts in NLP. I write about the influence of NLP technology on broader society and analyze trends in research.