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Me in in front of the Milan Cathedral.

My name is Jan Philip Wahle 🐳

I’m a computer science researcher and developer from Göttingen, Germany. I’m passionate about working open source research projects & building thriving communities around them.
My research papers have been read by thousands of people & I regularly share educational content in the form of posts, presentations, and videos.


I work at University of Göttingen in the Scientific Information Analytics Group as a researcher. Together with my colleagues, I plan, develop, and implement state-of-the-art natural language processing technology to solve social problems such as plagiarism detection, and media bias identification. I manage the cs-insights project which aims to analyze the content scienfic articles with a click of a button. I’m also managing various platforms of the research group (Slack, Jira) and integrate processes to better engage with other researchers.

You can see my projects overview for more technical details.


If I’m not coding I like to spend my time building and fyling fpv drones, going to music festivals, or taking trips to exciting places. I then often take my camera with me to take photos and also particularly enjoy editing the photos afterwards. Lastly, my kindle is always filled with technical and sci-fi books 📚.


Jan Philip Wahle

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