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Whenever I can I combine my love for nature and humans with photography. And often times it pushes me further by reaching higher mountains, waking up earlier, and exploring nature more.

I currently use a Sony Alpha 7 IV together with these lenses:

  • Tamron FE28-75mm F2.8 (for traveling and a bit more flexibility)
  • Sony FE16-35mm F4 (for landscape)
  • Sony FE24mm F1.4 GM (for landscape and vlogs)
  • Sony FE90mm F2.8 GM (for small things)

I also shoot images with my Mavic Air 2S. For post, I use Adobe Lightroom.

Below you can find the favourite photos from my trips.

2022 Italy

Look from approximately 50 meters down to the coast of Sirmione at Lake Garda, Italy.The tip of Sirmione at Lake Garda, Italy. Sirmione is the only peninsula that goes into Lake Garda.The rooftop of Milan Cathedral.Me (Jan Philip Wahle) in front of the large entrance gate of Milan Cathedral.One of the hills in front of Verona, Italy. You can see a small chapel on top of the hill.Anni and I (Jan Philip Wahle) on top of Monte Baldo, Italy with view on Lake Garda.A view on the other mountains from Monte Baldo.Anni in front of the large entrance gate of Milan Cathedral.The view from Desenzano at Lake Garda, Italy ca. 200 meters from our hotel.Me (Jan Philip Wahle) in front of Lake Garda, Italy with the Mavic Air 2S pointed at me to shoot a dronie.
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