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As a regular speaker at conferences, I frequently present on topics like text-generation, paraphrasing, and responsible AI. Explore my collection of captivating videos and slides that offer summaries of research works in these topics. From understanding the nuances of language to the importance of ethics in AI, my talks provide a comprehensive view of recent research. For more videos checkout the YouTube channel and if you want to see the related publications to the talks, check out the publication page. 


The Elephant In The Room: Analyzing The Presence Of Big Tech In NLP Research. Talk At ACL 2023, Toronto.

AI Usage Cards: Responsibly Reporting AI-Generated Content. Talk At JCDL 2023, Santa Fe.


How Large Language Models are Transforming Machine-Paraphrase Plagiarism. Talk At EMNLP 2022, Marseille

D3: A Massive Dataset Of Scholarly Metadata To Analyze Computer Science Research. Talk At LREC 2022, Marseille

Testing The Generalization Of Neural Language Models For COVID-19 Misinformation Detection. TalkIConference 2022

Identifying Machine-Paraphrased Plagiarism. TalkIConference 2022

Presentation Of Jan Philip Wahle's General Research Areas At ZIM 2022


  • Are Neural Language Models Good Plagiarists? A Benchmark For Neural Paraphrase Detection. Slides At JCDL 2021